Adam Pemberton

Managing Partner, Technology

Adam Pemberton’s strengths in technology and digital conceptual development help create campaigns that use the latest web services, leverage emerging user trends, and are built with state-of-the-art programming technology. Adam has built and managed top-tier interactive teams in the course of 20 years in senior media, publishing and agency roles. As former President and CEO of Online, Inc, a b2b media company, he led a team of 40 employees to develop new content and e-media technologies, until selling the company to Information Today in 2001. Since 2002 Adam has directed over 50 interactive projects for brands such as E.J. Gallo, Boston University, Yale Cancer Center, GU Energy, Crane Co., Nautica, Marc Ecko, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies. He specializes in innovating and executing digital content strategies, activating user engagement, and information architecture. Adam holds patents in computer storage technologies, and has launched and sold multiple media and technology companies.